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Bronx Pipe Smoking Society's Annual Small Game Dinner

I had seen photos of the Bronx Pipe Smoking Society’s annual small game dinner appear on Gothamist year after year, wondering who these cool looking people were and how could I get invited to such a fascinating event. This year I was lucky enough to have been invited even before I proposed taking photos.

Everyone there I spoke with was interesting in various different ways, and were invited personally by one of the fur trappers, chefs, or main organizers of the event. Everything we tried was delicious. I had expected just plain meat on a plate, not incorporated into dishes where, if you didn’t know what you were eating, wouldn’t think twice that you weren’t eating the usual meat you’re used to.

The raccoon ramen, bear jerky, and curried river otter were my favorites, which had me looking for a restaurant that served bear on Yelp the next day (to no avail). I left that night feeling glad to have spoken with so many interesting people and hearing interesting stories.

See more photos and a more detailed recap on Gothamist.


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