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Feeling Gloomy: Bowie Birthday

This past Saturday I was asked to take photos at my friend's monthly dance party, Feeling Gloomy at Brooklyn Bazaar. This month their theme was Never Wave Bye-Bye (A Bowie Dance Party) featuring two rooms: a pre- and post-1980's Bowie music and his contemporaries at the time.

It's been a while since I've done dance party photos, but this was a really upbeat and enthusiastic crowd, and I loved that there was a glam station to re-create the Ziggy Stardust look on attendees.

Near the end of the night, Michael T (who used to throw the Motherfucker parties in NYC years ago) performed a few songs with part of his Bowie tribute band, Michael T and the Vanities. They did a great job and the crowd was super into it.

Check out the whole album of photos over on Feeling Gloomy's Facebook page.

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