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Abandoned LIRR Train

My friends are the intrepid kind, always exploring places that gut feelings (and signs) may say not to, but their curiosity gets the better of them and they continue onward. This led to the discovery of a decommissioned Long Island Railroad train, last active circa 2008, sitting idle on tracks, awaiting a functional train to come and haul it to its demise. It sits waiting, and in the meantime, we took advantage of its openness to throw a going away party for it, while climbing on it inside and out.

This was particularly meaningful to me, having grown up on Long Island, as I spent lots of time on these exact trains in high school, going in and out of the city multiple times a month. It was nice to reclaim the train as “mine” for a while, and share it all with adventurous friends instead of commuting strangers.

More photos and words about this evening and the history of the train can be found on Gothamist.

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