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Alix Piorun is a concert, event and travel photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. She started photographing concerts from the front row when she was in high school and continued to shoot in an official manner for various bands, outlets and festivals, and has photographed over 75 shows for CMJ

After spending a semester in Tokyo, Japan, Alix took an interest in the world outside of the US and finds any opportunity to travel as often as possible, ideally internationally but domestically as well. She has an affinity for photographing street art, abandoned buildings, anything colorful and out of the ordinary, and weird and unique events throughout NYC. 

In addition to photographing concerts and her travel, Alix also enjoys and is available to photograph events of every type, capturing the ambiance of the environment and attendees enjoying themselves.

Brooklyn Spaces

Alix has been involved with the Brooklyn Spaces project since 2011, which was published as a real life book by Monicelli Press in 2015! She spent a summer riding her moped around the borough of Brooklyn photographing the iconic front and back cover images, in addition to almost a third of the book’s 50 spaces. A review remarks on the book’s “enticing photographs of fascinating people and their spaces.”

Clients & Publications

Alix shoots regularly for Gothamist and Bedford & Bowery, along with photos having appeared in Per La Mente, Brooklyn Magazine, Brooklyn Historical Society, Future of Storytelling Conference, Children’s Museum of the Arts, Bicycling Magazine, Universal Records, NYC Social Sports Club, Epic Records, Warner Bros. Records Nashville, Warped Tour, V2 Records, Avex Records Japan, Pabst Blue Ribbon, World Adult Kickball Association and many varied others.

Please contact her at or through the contact page if you need an event covered for yourself or your company, to license images for upcoming use, or for any other inquiries.


Alix is also the events editor for, curating two weekly events posts and emails to a mailing list of over 2,000 people, highlighting the best cheap (and often free) things to do within the borough of Brooklyn. To contact her about events, please email

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