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Shadow Traffic's Royalty Rumpus

The members of Shadow Traffic

On a windless and slightly humid evening in July, Shadow Traffic, a trio who produce and curate immersive installations and experiences such as the Lost Bridge Exchange, threw their Royalty Rumpus event. It was an intimate gathering for those who are Shadow Traffic Royalty, or those who donate $15 or more monthly through withfriends, so that they may continue to organize creative events.

We met at a loft parallel to the elevated J train in Brooklyn and started with drinks and chatter, the group comprised of a mix of friends and recognizable strangers, before we were lead across the street to gather into a purple minibus with the seats taken out.

Along the way, royalty members were blindfolded and instructed to have one of their guests help them fill out a playful survey (while still blindfolded), until we arrived at the secret location, incense drifting from the dashboard into the back of the bus.

We were lead in smaller groups across an industrial area until we came to the water, where a tear in a chain link fence was held up for us to pass through. We kept walking, past where the pavement ended and continuing over broken up rocks, until we were met by another Shadow Traffic member who helped us over a downed fence and into a secluded wooded area.

There, we were met with a homemade bar and two cocktails to choose from, and delicious Mediterranean food that was passed around in a dimly lit blanketed area.

After guests had had their fill, we sat upon the jagged rocks for trivia, gazing upon the New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty in the distance. The winner was crowned Shadow Poobah and gifted a hand carved mask from Honduras, perhaps to keep, or to pass over to next year’s Royalty Rumpus winner.

The evening was a great mix of activities, interesting conversation, unique scenery, and slight trespassery, but all of it made for a memorable night, and keeps me wanting more from this group of talented people I call friends.

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